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Educacion Sin Fronteras Colombia

Improving the community through science and english

Jobs in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields will continue to expand faster than non-STEM jobs but a large segment of the Colombian population is not being educated in STEM coursework due to lack of resources and technology. STEM education plays a critical role in allowing the next generation to join and compete in the global workforce. Improving the way students, especially those from a lower socioeconomic background, learn STEM is critical to their future, giving them the necessary education and tools to advance their current situation.

Educación Sin Fronteras Colombia is a charitable organization dedicated to the improvement of the Colombian community through education, enhancing existing English and Science programs in primary school with technology and  volunteers. 

Educación Sin Fronteras Colombia is innovating the current curriculum and promoting community development through a duel track of providing both English and Technology improvements. 

Educación Sin Fronteras Colombia provides technology infrastructure, education materials and tools, and teaching educators new technology. But this charity is more personal than that. Founder Anna Massad, a high school student based in New Jersey, hosts classes creating a real connection between two communities, innovating their education.

Educación Sin Fronteras Colombia is providing communities in Colombia who are recovering from a 60-year civil war with the STEM skills they need to secure jobs and compete in today’s global workforce.


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